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      Introducing Danaus plexippus...the Monarch Butterfly !

                  A Threatened Species


   Welcome to the Monarch Butterfly Food & Fuel Gardens site. My name is Gary Liska. I am an environmentalist, conservationist, and Monarch Butterfly subject matter expert (SME). This site is intended to educate visitors on all aspects of the Monarch Butterfly and its environment in an effort to remove this beautiful creature from the "Threatened Species" list. My consulting service offers you an opportunity to play a role in establishing your own Monarch Butterfly Garden designed to attract, host, and maintain Monarch butterflies in your garden. 

   We design Monarch Butterfly Gardens with you for your property in Chester County, PA and in Delaware. For properties outside this geographic area - we will consult with you to create a perennial masterpiece.  

   What is a Food
    Fuel Garden?


Food and Fuel refers to the type of plants we use to attract and retain butterflies to your garden.

The Gardener
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Gary Liska



              Monarch SME

Monarchs & More

         The Monarch Butterfly                        (Danaus plexippus)

Learn more about their life cycle, endangered status, and how creating a Food and Fuel Garden can help the species recover and once again flourish.

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