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The Garden

   In this section we will share information about milkweed plants, Monarch butterflies, current research and new science being conducted to restore the population of Monarchs back to their record numbers. In order for this to happen - residential, commercial, urban and rural conditions need to improve - dramatically. 

2 inch pot housing 12 inch common milkweed.jpg

   A Monarch butterfly garden may consist of just a single plant, there are no rules or plant police that require you to any more than you have the room or the budget for. I grew the common milkweed to the left in a 4"x4" pot. It is remarkable how large a milkweed can grow in a small area. While I wouldn't recommend restricting your milkweed to such a pot - it demonstrates that even modest pots with adequate drainage will suffice. 
Ironically, growing an isolated plant such as this will be the target of many female Monarchs to lay their eggs. In fact, I've observed  female Monarchs prefer plants that are isolated or are not overly crowded. Considering Monarch's can have a wing span up to 4" - it is important to remember that allowing females to navigate around the plant will increase the number of eggs deposited. 

                 Enjoy 'The Garden' portion of your visit with us today

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