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Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar 'Changing Stations'

   Monarch butterfly caterpillars require specific conditions in order to complete their transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis. Our proven material enables caterpillars to easily spin and attach their silk pad before entering their J phase. Changing stations mimic garden colors and keep caterpillars from overheating. Each changing station is handmade, weather resistant and unique. The design of this product provides Monarch caterpillars protection from harsh weather, insect and aviary threats. Our Monarch Butterfly Changing Station is a new, unique and exclusive proprietary offering in the marketplace. Made to order. Two sizes available to meet the scale of your garden. 

Two Sizes Available



Apartment Size:   L 16" x W 5.5" x H 5"

Price:                 $15.00 + shipping

Condominium Size:  L 24" x W 5.5" x H 5"

Price:                      $25.00 + shipping

Changing Station Apt 1. .jpg
Changing Station Apt. .jpg

Apartment Size:   L 16" x W 5.5" x H 5"

Price:                 $15.00 + shipping

Natural Changing Station.jpg

Pewter gray Changing Stations will blend in with most gardens, same construction as multi-colored versions above. 




Each Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar Changing Station is made to provide protection from predators and the elements. Screen is used as this is an ideal medium for caterpillars to spin their silk pad before pupating. The colors keep the caterpillar cool while the reclaimed barn wood allow modest airflow proper air circulation, humidity and temperature regulation.


Materials are non-toxic. Stations are durable and suitable for many years of use. Design prevents predatory wasps and flies from laying their eggs into the vulnerable chrysalis.  

Installation Recommendations

I recommend installing your changing station on a post or a fence close to your garden. A minimum of 24" off the ground is highly recommended as you don't want nocturnal mammals finding chrysalis easily. I prefer 36" off the ground. Mount on a wooden post or some material that is easy for your caterpillar to find.  The caterpillar will recognize the firmer structure and not mistake it for another plant. Since the screen where they will attach their silk pad is protected from the weather, it won't matter which direction you face it. You might enjoy it most if you face it where you can enjoy and access it easily to check for newly formed chrysalis'. 




      Monarch Butterfly Hydration & Mineral Station                                  

Hydration is critically important to butterflies, especially during the peak of summer. Dry parched grounds and stretches of drought leave the butterflies, such as the monarch, searching for water. In addition to water, monarchs need micro-nutrients and salts found in dirt and sand to meet their metabolic needs and to provide optimal health. Optimizing your monarch's health may help reduce the risk of OE (protozoan infection). 

             Introducing our exclusive Monarch Butterfly Hydration & Mineral Station.

Monarch butterflies spend much of their day flying and using stored energy reserves from nectar. Water and trace minerals are critical to their survival and cannot be met by the nectar of flowers. This is why we offer this unique product for your garden or meadow. Keeping nutrient rich wet sand in your garden will attract many species of butterflies including monarchs.  

Sample Station.jpg

Outdoor, garden ready acrylic. Hexagon tray measures 11.5" at its greatest width. Dish made of natural wheat stra material measures ~ 6" in diameter. Dish rests on white tray for easy removal, refilling and cleaning. 

                    [$40.00 plus shipping]

Choice of 6 colors to meet your garden's theme. Made of natural

wheat straw material. Unbreakable and dishwasher safe. Rain catching dish measures 6" and holds one half cup of rainwater. Recommend you line the bottom of the dish with beach sand to optimize your butterfly's hydrating experience. 

When ordering, please specify color of dish you'd like. Color availability may be limited based on demand. 

[Each hydration station is hand-made, no two are alike. Some minor imperfections (bubbles) during the curing step may occur but in no way compromise the esthetics, performance or effectiveness of the station.]

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