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Educational Outreach

Building a Stronger STEM

Experiences outside the classroom enhance and strengthen learning. Installing a Monarch Butterfly garden and offering a complementary educational seminar on the evolution of the Monarch Butterfly and host plant milkweed will be a one of a kind didactic experience for your students.


Why this might be right for your school & students
֍   Your students will appreciate your commitment to making their school beautiful
֍   Your garden will be a perennial declaration of support for threatened Monarch Butterflies
֍   A lecture & Monarch interactive Jeopardy-style game will entertain & offer unique learning
֍   Your garden can be registered and certified as a wildlife habitat from the Monarch Watch and National     

          Wildlife Federation organization - signage will issued for posting

Choose the service that best fits your need.

Service 1 Consult, Design & Plant Purchase
Complimentary onsite visit to determine the best location by soil, exposure, student access. Free estimate of a design plan and budget, purchase of plants [30% discount off retail] Ground preparation and planting done by your facility staff.


Service 2 Consult, Design, Plant Purchase & Install

Services 1 but ground preparation, planting completed by us.


Service 3 Educational Presentation, Entomology Study Mentoring

A presentation that explains the garden & the Monarch/milkweed story. A Jeopardy-

style game tests learning retention. Training to generate Monarch butterfly data for

three ongoing university studies (Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota) Projects:

Migration, Tachinid Parasitism & the OE Protozoan Threat

Service 4 Lectures and Presentations

Live or virtual presentations for schools (elementary-university), conservation groups, corporate events, community events, church services, assisted living communities and many more. Click here to see highlights from previous presentations.


Contact me if you'd like to discuss how our offering may strengthen your science unit. Simply click the
contact us button. I look forward to hearing from you.

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