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Monarchs- Unlike Any Other

Life cycle of the
Monarch Butterfly

Baby caterpillar.JPEG
Different colors and patterns.jpg
Landenberg Monarch Garden, 2017, pre-cry
4 Monarch Chrysalis.jpg
Ironweed 2020 A.jpg

Caterpillar Egg


Adult Caterpillar


Fuel & Mate


Day 1

Day 3

Day 15

Day 18

Day 20

Day 27

Approximate timeline from egg to adult butterfly at 75° F



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The Incredible Journey

Once your garden is established you will have provided several generations of Monarch butterflies a safe and desirable home. Your reward is the hundreds of eggs that were laid carefully on your milkweed by hopeful female monarch butterflies. The two or three caterpillars that survive to adulthood in September play an historic role in the lifecycle of Monarchs. The earlier four generation of Monarchs were programmed to mate, lay eggs and perpetuate the species. Each butterfly inherited the DNA gene to fly to Mexico (east of the Rockies) but did not. Only the Fall generation of Monarch butterfly doesn't mate until the next Spring but flies south and then southwest to central Mexico's mountainous region to overwinter.

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