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Lectures & Presentations

The monarch butterfly story is as magical. Learn how this tropical insect no heavier than a paperclip can fly over 3,000 miles to spend the winter in a tiny evergreen forest in south central Mexico. Understand what natural hazards and human influence has suppressed the monarch butterfly population count greater than 90% within the last 20 years.

Presentation ideal for:        Assisted living facilities     Homeowners' associations        Schools & Universities                                                  State parks                          Garden clubs                                Zoos

                                              Libraries                              Scouting                                        Corporate outings 

                                              Social clubs                         Museums. 

Presentations are interactive, includes audience questions and monarch related giveaways. Live monarchs or caterpillars based on seasonal availability. 

       Live or Virtual Presentation:       'The Plight of the Monarch'


                                                                      What you'll learn

                                  The monarch:  physiology, gender, life cycle, generational differences

                                  The 'food & fuel' of the monarch caterpillar & adult butterfly

                                   The million-year battle of Milkweed vs. Monarch

                                   Natural & human reasons why monarchs are listed as threatened

                                   How a monarch can fly 3,000 miles and find Mexico to spend the winter

                                   How monarch plays an important spiritual role for millions

Presentations Delivered                                                                                                                  Neumann University        Cartmel Assisted Living         Kennett Square Library    Cape Henlopen State Park

                         Lutheran Church                                       




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