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Our mission statement is defined by the plight of the Monarch butterfly. We are dedicated to expanding the ideal environmental conditions to support Monarch butterfly health & well-being in an effort to reverse their critical population decline.

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Food & Fuel Garden

Monarch butterflies are threatened and on the brink of becoming endangered. Planting the right food and fuel plants is the solution to saving this iconic insect. 

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The Gardener

Welcome to the Monarch Butterfly Food & Fuel Landscaping Services company. I hope to inspire you to play a role in saving the Monarch butterfly one garden at a time. 

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Monarchs- Unlike Any Other

No other animal or insect eats poisonous plants and flies 3,000 miles to Mexico for the Winter and then flies back in the Spring.

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Opportunities To Help Research

Tag your Fall Monarch butterflies before they migrate. Support three university studies with data from your garden.

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