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Initial Consultation

Creating a Monarch Food & Fuel garden begins with your understanding the need to help save this majestic butterfly. A live visit to your home, school, park, or corporate property begins your dream of enjoying an English-style Monarch Garden.

Cultivating a successful Monarch Food & Fuel Garden on your property requires attention to detail and expertise in botany, entomology and meteorology.  Our first visit will be a sit-down or walk-around the property for us to learn what your dream garden will look like. During this first step an analysis of your location, soil composition, and solar exposure will determine the species of plants most likely to thrive and attract Monarch butterflies and other pollinators such as honeybees and hummingbirds. Some clients prefer in-ground gardens while others require raised beds due to drainage issues or saltwater intrusion. 


My consulting company enables me to offer you high quality Food & Fuel plants at a significant discount off retail prices. My visit will include an analysis of other plants on your property that may complement your new Monarch Garden. Determining the nectar yield of your existing plants will help me prepare the best proposal for your property.

Once we agree to work together following a live visit, a detailed plan of your new garden will be provided. Many clients have specific colors they do or do not want in their garden. The goal of my company is to establish a partnership so we can customize your garden based on your space and budget. Gardens can be several plants to hundreds of plants. I will build your garden to complement your existing landscape. Additionally, our consulting services can include the following:


    1. Live visit & structural plan (including plant selection & peripherals)

          I would purchase the plants agreed upon at our discounted rate, ~ 25-30% off retail

          I prepare planting area and I plant your plants

   2. Client would prepare the ground and plant purchased plants by our company  

Our gardens qualify for two prestigious acknowledgements, one from the Monarch Watch organization and the other from the National Wildlife Federation.  



By creating your own garden with us, you will not only provide a new source of food and fuel for Monarch butterflies, but you can also choose to participate in studies to help scientists learn more about this threatened species.

NWF sign.jpg

Monarch Watch signage is a declaration of your commitment to Monarch butterflies and the pride of each of our clients. 

National Wildlife Federation Habitat signage requires a set of conditions we can create for your Monarch Butterfly Garden. 

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